• Save with Bosch
    Save with Bosch

    Intelligent people go to the „Save with Bosch" check

    Let your vehicle be checked, now!

  • Battery test
    Battery test

    Go to the battery test, now!

    Regular checks make sense.

  • Two lambda sensors and the number 40
    40 years lambda sensors

    40 years lambda sensors and 1 billion produced parts

    Benefit from the inventors’ experience and opt for lambda sensors from Bosch!

  • Workshop scene and packaging of new cabin filter
    Clean air for allergy sufferers

    Relief for allergy sufferers

    New Bosch FILTER+ for health-conscious car drivers: retains allergens, annihilates bacteria, filters finest dusts.

  • Best Brand 2016 auto motor und sport
    Best Brand 2016

    Best Brand 2016
    auto motor und sport

    Bosch-Produkte wurden in ams-Leserwahl acht Mal als Best Brand 2016 ausgezeichnet.


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